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Who we are?

As China leading enterprise in 3D-printing and Industry 4.0, Qingdao Unique Products Develop Co., Ltd. (for short "Qingdao Unique"), with eight "No.1" in 3D-printing industry due to its innovation spirits. By means of the first 3D Bio-printer with four nozzles was developed to print living cells and multiple bio-materials, Qingdao Unique won the biological frontier technology national key project of National High Technology Research and Development Program 863 ("863 Program") in 2014.
Qingdao Unique has been rated as "High-tech Enterprise" and "National Enterprise Intellectual Property Pilot Unit" etc., authorized dozens of patents, including 27 domestic, 2 of USA, 1 of Japan and 1 of Australia, and there are 6 software copyrights.
Recently, Qingdao Unique gains breakthrough in 3D cornea printing and graphene supercapacitor by its subversive innovation.

CEO Introduction.

Professor Caddie Wang
-the chief scientist of National High Technology Research and Development Program 863 ("863 Program")
-invited to give lectures to those prestigious universities, such as Beijing University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Ocean University of China etc.
-Voted as "National People's Congress on behalf of students" by 30,000 teachers and students
-"The most excellent professional manager" in Nestle China.
-"Industry Solutions Architect Champion" of "The Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs" (BSE) held in Malaysia
-"Nominations for The Best" in the new product creativity contest held by ZAZZLE.


Held in Boston, MA, the 1st 3D-Printing in the Life Sciences Conference was closed on 9th July.
There're 54 speeches and more than 200 professional registers. such as professors from Harvard University, Cornell University as well as Nottingham University etc.
Qingdao Unique participated this great conference as Gold Sponsor, shew the 3rd generation Bio-printer who gained a high reputation during the conference.
CEO, Caddie Wang, made her excellent speech "3D Bio-printer prints Cornea and Meniscus" at 13:30, 8th. July.

Our Advantages

  • 14 years experiences in R&D 3D medical printing devices.
  • Our 3D Bio-printer wins "863 program" key project.
  • With 158 patents all around the world.
  • Establish academician workstation for 3D biology printing.
  • Gain breakthrough in grapheme supercapacitor.
  • Animal test of 3D printed artifical cornea.




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